Angela. Made In Italy. Luxury Jewelry
Angela DiDonato. Angela. Italy. Luxury Jewelry

about ANGELA

Defining Quality, Luxury And Uniqueness

ANGELA’s promise is to create exceptional designs, ensure the highest quality and to make each piece an eternal reflection of the woman who wears it.

One of Angela Di Donato’s fondest memories was spending days with her father as they shopped for the perfect piece of jewelry to gift her mother. They would go from shop to shop, making sure they chose the perfect piece, but regardless of how beautiful the jewelry was, Angela was never convinced that it was special enough for her mother.

Angela | Angelina Collection | Made In Italy

"A jewel is pure emotion."
says Angela.

Angela has always loved the pursuit of beauty. At the conclusion of her schooling she had a degree in marketing with specialties in graphics, color, and interior design. For the past several years she had been working in the aesthetic world from makeup artist and personal stylist to interior and color designer. before embarking on her dream – her biggest passion, She has spent the last ten years as an art director.

To create ANGELA ITALY, the brand, she furthered her passion through learning. Several high jewelry, goldsmith, and gemology masters helped coach her to success. She also refined her drawing technique to better bring her beautiful visions to life. Nothing is more gratifying to Angela than seeing her idea become a piece of jewelry.

Angela. Made In Italy. Luxury Jewelry | Angelina Collection | Ring

"every piece tells
a story."
-Angela Di Donato

Angela starts every collection from an emotion, a vision, a true inspiration. she creates each piece with passion and devotion, working hard to make the jewel perfect in each part. a jewel has to be wearable, comfortable, and highly resistant.

“I want women to wear angela italy jewels in their everyday life. at the same time, this perfection has to be in connection with emotion. nothing is more gratifying to me than to see a jewel giving vibrant vibes to my customers.” says angela.

Angela. Made In Italy. Luxury Jewelry | Angelina Collection | Ring

Angela italy jewels are modern and timeless pieces, hand crafted by the best Italian goldsmiths in the world. angela doesn't follow fashion trends but creates from her vision. each piece is an inspired artistic dream designed for a specific woman.

the vision

The Inspiration

ANGELA knows that women can reach every goal, and that the right piece of jewelry can help inspire her along the way. As a mom of four kids, Angela is used to hard work and the strength it takes to be a woman. This strength and care is what she brings to each detail of every piece.

Precious Materials

Angela only uses the highest quality of precious materials, mainly gold and diamonds, but also colored gemstones and pearls, matching the perfection of cuts, the reflections, the colors and the nuances, the peculiarity of each one to enhance her designs, to follow her dream without compromises, because women know how to choose the best.

Angela. Made By Hand In Italy. Luxury Jewelry

Top Quality

ANGELA entrusts the production of her vision to the best goldsmith in the world. This elevates Italian design and jewelry manufacturing to an exceptional standard.