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We maintained the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship, creating jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation. With some simple, basic care, you can help preserve and protect your ANGELA ITALY jewelry for years to come.

Over time, fine jewelry can become a treasured family heirloom if it is cared for properly. Dust, pollution and daily wear all conspire to cloud the brilliance of gemstones. The surface of gold can become dulled. Timeworn prongs and clasps can result in the loss of a stone or an entire piece of jewelry.

Professional cleanings are recommended as often as once a year.

Here are some jewelry care tips to help you maintain the stunning appeal of your fine jewelry in between professional cleanings:

1. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space.

This seems like an obvious tip, but at the end of the day, we’ve all been guilty of tossing our jewelry in a drawer or on the nightstand. It’s best to keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined case that has compartments and dividers for your jewelry. If you don’t have a jewelry case, make sure to wrap each piece of jewelry in a soft tissue or paper before placing it in a drawer. This will prevent scratching and tangling.

2. Avoid damaging chemicals.

Hairspray, lotion, and perfume can be damaging to certain types of metals and colored gems. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are especially susceptible to discoloration from these everyday care products. When getting ready in the morning or preparing for a night out, set your jewelry aside, or better yet, leave your jewelry in its case until you’re ready to wear it.

3. Use mild cleaners for regular cleanings.

One of the best jewelry cleaning methods involves warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft brush. However, ultrasonic jewelry cleaning has become popular for jewelry lovers looking for a more thorough approach to cleaning their jewelry.

If you’re considering ultrasonic cleaning, it’s best to leave your jewelry in the care of trained jewelers who understand how to use this technology safely. Ultrasonic cleaning can sometimes shake gems loose or chip gemstones if used incorrectly. Plus, organic gemstones like pearls, coral, ivory, and amber should not be cleaned ultrasonically. The same applies to gems impacted by heat and temperature changes like tanzanite, moonstone, opal, turquoise, and topaz.

4. Insure your jewelry.

Accidents happen. It’s impossible to predict when disaster will strike, whether a burglar cleans out your jewelry box or a fire rips through your home leaving nothing behind. That’s why it’s always a good idea to insure your jewelry. In the tragic event something happens to your precious pieces, you have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

A jewelry appraisal is typically one of the first steps to insuring your jewelry. You’ll need to visit a certified appraiser who will determine the value of your piece or collection. We can also help you find a certified appraiser in your area.

Angela Italy jewelry  is hand-made by Valenza’s and Florence’s, Italy’s best goldsmiths. 

Quality Craftsmanship You Can Trust. Guaranteed. We want you to enjoy your ANGELA ITALY Jewelry for years to come, so we handcraft each piece of jewelry with durability in mind using the highest quality materials. We proudly stand behind our “Made in ITALY” products with a Quality Assurance Guarantee, and ensure they will withstand daily wear when treated with common-sense care. We believe jewelry should be made to last forever, and that you should be able to wear your favorite pieces everyday without worrying about them getting damaged. Thank you for choosing ANGELA ITALY and we hope you are in love with your piece as much as we loved creating it!

Handling, Shipping & Delivering

Your order will be ready to ship 6-8 weeks after your purchase. you will receive an email notification when your order is ready to be shipped. and another notification once the order has shipped.

Express Delivery

All ANGELA ITALY orders are shipping via FedEx. Complimentary Express Delivery is offered for orders over $5,000.00 tax excluded.

Shipping to other countries will take a bit longer. Before placing your order, it’s recommended to get in touch with us first:

You may track the progress of your order online in the “My Account” section of the website.

Shipping fees are based on the value of your order including sales tax.

Unfortunately we can only ship to one address per order.


ANGELA ITALY is pleased to accept the following credit cards as convenient means of payment: American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB.

In order to ensure that your shopping experience is simple and secure, order and payment transactions online through the Angela e-Boutique are processed using a secure server.

Please note that the individual who submits the order must be the cardholder whose name appears on the credit card.

Should your credit card have a specific limit, please contact us to inquire about our bank transfer option.

Unfortunately, once your order is completed ANGELA ITALY can’t modify the payment method or the delivery type.

Currently it is not possible for us to accept payment using two different credit cards for a single order. If you are ordering more than one product, we suggest that you make a separate order for each purchase if you wish to use two separate credit cards.

Opening an account will allow you to make purchases through the ANGELA ITALY e-Boutique. Once registered, you will not be required to re-enter your personal information which will ensure a faster check-out process. You will have the ability to track your orders easily online at any time. You will be able to save your favorite Angela creations on your personal Wish List and share them with your family and friends. Sign up for our member e-newsletter to stay up to date on everything ANGELA ITALY.

Returns & Exchanges

Yes. Creations purchased through the ANGELA ITALY e-Boutique may be Returned or exchanged within 14 days.

You may return or exchange your creation within fourteen (14) days of the date of delivery, provided the creation is in its original packaging, in new and unused condition, with all materials and documents intact. If the creation you choose is more expensive than the one purchased, you will be charged the additional amount. If the creation you chose is of lesser value, your credit card will be credited the difference.

Should you wish to make an exchange, you must get in touch with our Client Contact Center. An ANGELA ITALY Ambassador will provide you with a Return Authorization Number, to be noted on the return form which was included with your original packaging documents.

As we are sure you understand, ANGELA ITALY cannot exchange items which have been personalized, engraved or modified.

If you have an exchange or return today, please email us, don’t forget to include your order identification. 

For further information, please check our Conditions of Sale.


For the purchase of any new ANGELA ITALY jewel you will receive a physical authenticity card. We recommend to safely store the card as it guarantees the purchase date and authenticity of your jewels, covering manufacturing defects for 2 years worldwide.

It must be presented together with the original proof of purchase to be valid.

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